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The telephone numbers in Japan are made of an area code, a city code and a subscriber's phone number. When calling a telephone number within the city area it is usually not necessary to dial the area code. For example, Maebashi and Takasaki have the same area code, which is 027, but a different city code. In case you are in Maebashi and you call another number located in the same city, you don't need to dial the 027 code. However, if you are in Maebashi and want to call a number located in Takasaki, since Takasaki city code is different, it is necessary to dial the whole telephone number starting from the area code 027.

Residential Telephone

◆ Telephone Installation
When you install a new telephone line at your residence, you must apply to NTT. You can apply for telephone installation by phone or at an NTT service counter. Please contact the company directly for further details.

Information Service Center
for Non-Japanese Speakers (NTT East Information)

Assistant available in English, Chinese, German,French, Portuguese, Korean and Spanish.
TEL: 0120-364463 (toll free)
Hours: 9:00-17:00 Monday through Friday
(Closed national holidays, and New Year's holidays)

Required documents
1.  Document that proves your address.
(Passport, Resident Card, Driver's License, etc.)

 Installation fees
1.  Contract fee: 800 yen
2.  Purchase of NTT Subscription Rights: 36,000 yen
3.  Installation costs: starting from 2,000 yen
4.  Consumption tax
* You can also choose the Analog Lite Plan, which allows you to avoid buying the subscription rights. In the Analog Lite Plan an additional amount of 250 yen are added to the monthly service charge.

The monthly telephone bill consists of:
1.  The basic monthly rate
2.  Charges for domestic calls
3.  Consumption tax

◆ Payment
1.  Automatic Bank Withdrawal
(the application form is included with the original application)
2.  In cash at any designated financial institution (bring the bill)

◆ Choosing a telephone company
Each telephone company offers different services and fees. When you choose a telephone company which is not NTT, it might provide you with an access code number such as “00XY” you must dial before you make a phone call. For this reason, there are also services called Myline or Myline Plus that enable you to register your number at the telephone company you wish to use and use its service without dialing its access number. You can register a number for free if it's your first telephone installation, but you have to pay 800 yen if you want to make any change later. If you use the service of a telephone company besides NTT, it is necessary to sign a contract with it.

It's a telephone company selection service that automatically connects your telephone to the telephone company you have registered as your main service without dialing that company access code every time you call. However, you can still choose to connect to another service by dialing that service access code before calling.

Myline Plus
It's a fixed telephone company service that automatically connects your phone to the registered telephone company all the time, even if you dial another service access code before your call.

** For details, go to the website of Myline Careers Association (Japanese/English).

homepage Myline Careers Association (Japanese/English)

◆ Ending Use
  NTT does not buy back telephone subscription rights. When they are no longer needed, they may be sold to another individual or companies. Some companies specialize in buying and selling telephone lines.

NTT Eastern Japan / NTT Direct:116 (toll free)
Interpreting Service Center / TEL: 0120-364463 (toll free)

International Call

◆ Direct Dial
  You must dial the telephone company's access number first, then the number 010, the country code, the local area code and the telephone number.

Access numbers of telephone companies:
KDDI   001
NTT Communications   0033
SoftBank Telecom   0041

◆ Call-Back
  Since this system uses foreign phone lines to place overseas calls, it provides low international calling rates. You must register with a provider company first. You can search one in internet. Most companies usually accept credit card payment only.

Example of using call-back service:
Dial the access number, listen to one ring and hung up.
The system will call you back in aboutten seconds.
Answer the phone and dial the telephone number you wish to call, following the voice guidance.
The line will be connected to the other party.

◆ Prepaid Phone Card
  Using a prepaid phone card, you can make an international call from a residential telephone, public telephone or mobile phone. You can purchase one at a convenience store.

Example of using prepaid phone pard:
Dial the access number indicated on the card.
The company connects you to the access point.
Enter the ID number indicated on the card.
Dial the telephone number you wish to call.
The line will be connected to the other party.

Public Telephone

  Public telephones can be operated with either a coin (¥10 or ¥100), or a pre-paid telephone card. If you use a ¥100 coin, you will not receive any changes even if your call is only for a short period. Only grey public telephones with the sign “Telephone for International Calls” can be used for making international phone calls, using ¥100 coins or pre-paid telephone card.

Mobile Phone

  In Japan, there are several mobile phone companies. Each company offers a different service and fee. You should choose one according to your needs. You can purchase a mobile phone at a mobile phone shop.

Required documents
1.  Documents that proves your ID and address (i.e. your Resident Card.
2.  In some cases, you are required to bring your bankbook.

Major Mobile Phone Companies
・ NTT DoCoMo (English)
・ KDDI Au (English)
・ SoftBank (English)


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