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  The following thing is notified before changing its address.

◆ Landowner
  It is necessary to notify one month ago.

◆ Move company
  It is necessary to reserve one - two weeks ago to request a move company.

◆ Telephone company
  When stopping a telephone line or copying to a new house, it is necessary to contact NTT one week ago.

◆ Mail
  If a notice of a change of address is taken out to a post office even six days before changing its address, mail will be transmitted for one year.

◆ Bank
  Even six days before changing one’s address, it notifies to the bank which has joined.

◆ Gas, electricity, and water service
  Even four days before changing one’s address, each person in charge persons, such as gas, electricity, and water service, are contacted, and it pays.

◆ A newspaper and magazine
  Even four days before changing one’s address, it pays at the office of the newspaper and magazine which is carrying out fixed subscription.

◆ Other important procedure
  In transfer, departure from a country, etc., please read clauses, such as alien registration, national health insurance, a tax, etc. of “an Important procedure.”


| Housing | Electricity | Gas | Water and Sewage|

| Telephones | Garbage Move | Employment |